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JAKCOM N3 Smart Nail Chip new product of Nail Art Stickers Decals match for nail glue artificial fingernails acrylic powder

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JAKCOM N3 Smart Nail Chip new product of Nail Art Stickers Decals match for nail glue artificial fingernails acrylic powder842

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Product Price List

JAKCOM N3 Smart Nail Chip Price

Quantity FOB Price
Sample 2.90 usd/pc
10+pcs 1.90 usd/pc
100+pcs 1.40 usd/pc
1000+pcs 0.90 usd/pc
3000+pcs 0.60 usd/pc
JAKCOM N3 Product Description


  • JAKCOM N3 Smart Nail Chip
    Virtual call | SOS Message | Many Online Functions
    Flexible Chip | Skin-friendly Material | Android and iOS Available


  • Exquisite body as thin as cicada's wings
    JAKCOM N3 smart nail chip has a micron order chip in the size of 5mm x 5mm x 0.12mm;
    The surface area of the chip is only 1/5 of that of a finger and the thickness is that of a hair.




  • Flexible chip with gum
    JAKCOM N3 smart nail chip can bend and fit to the radian of a finger;
    Polishing, fitting and applying nail, only three steps done.




  • Internationally recognized Eco-friendly material
    Environmental coating material in the same level of contact lenses is adopted, which has passed test certification by global standard CE and ROSH;
    Keep refreshing and no foreign body sensation appears in long-term wear.




  • Brand new IOT chip
    The product is equipped with the new generation of IOT chip and rich built-in featured cloud services;
    Direct use is available without the need of installing any APP;
    It is suitable for Android and IOS dual platforms.




  • Scene notice
    Multiple preset messages can be triggered quickly through JAKCOM N3 smart nail chip;
    Give yourself one more safety guarantee at the critical moment;
    At same time, make all your family members to know that you are safe.






  • Virtual call
    With JAKCOM N3 smart nail chip, you can quickly reserve a timed virtual call;
    Create an appropriate excuse for yourself so that you will feel no longer embarrassed to get away.






  • Information share
    A variety of information can be quickly shared with JAKCOM N3 smart nail chip, e.g.,
    Electronic business cards which can directly import into the phone;
    Online store which can directly shopping;
    Network file which can directly download.




  • More functions are updating
    New functions just launched this month:
    "Finger Memo": different memo set in different nail, you can share and edit in different mobile phone without installation of any APP;
    "Daily Horoscope": All-round daily horoscope, just stretch the finger to see;
    "Period Calculator": View your current safe period, ovulatory period and menstrual period at any time you wish.


  • Packing and Parameters




  • Creative gift


  • New favorite of cyber celebrity




  • Quick customization
    No minimum order quantity
    Package Logo and Accessories Logo
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About Shipping

  • By Post, Free shipping, 3-4 weeks.
  • By express, fast shipping way, 5-10days.
  • By Special Line, Some cities have it, 1-2 weeks.


About Packing

  • Smart Nail Packaging Details:
    Inner White Box: Unit G.W is about 6g, Unit Size is 7.2cm x 4.8cm x 1.3cm;
    Outer Brown Box: Unit G.W is about 6790g, Unit size is 53cm x 29cm x 37cm , Max with 1020 pcs Smart Nails.