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Jkm and Me

New autumn/winter long-sleeved sweater + Sweatpants suit 2 piece set sports zipper cardigan Jogger

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1. We are a self-produced and order-processing factory shop, focusing on Europe and the United States and new models of research and development.

2, product quality to low-grade quality, the price of low-cost running volume, small profits and quick turnover.

3, vigorously support the purchaser to provide quality style, quality, price and service.

4. We have our own fabric warehouse and finished goods warehouse in Quanzhou, and our own Board House and development team in Quanzhou.

Welcome new and old customers on-the-spot inspection, negotiation, to map sample customization, hope to establish long-term cooperative relationship with our customers!

Fabric type cotton
Length Mid-length
Style  casual
Size S-3XL
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