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Jkm and Me

non contact vending machines retail items for false lashes hair

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Payment System
Storage Capacity
Model Number
non contact vending machines retail items for false lashes hair
Video Description
Products Description
The product name
Miniature food and beverage vending machines
Goods can be placed
Snacks, drinks, popcorn, chips, lip gloss, cosmetics, false eyelashes, hair, chewing gum, towel, socks, etc
The scene can be placed
Shopping center, hotel, school, airport, gym, amusement park, subway station, bookstore, office building, etc
HD explosion proof windows
Toughened glass, transparent and clear,
safe and explosion-proof
Adjustable freight way
Channel can be customized according
to the size of goods, a variety of goods
integrated retail
Anti theft partition
Security settings, convenient pick-up,
ease of sale, to avoid the loss of goods
Fixed corner code
Fixed corner codes can be installed
on both sides of the fuselage to
prevent theft and shaking